ClickSnap DSLR Workshops

Ready to finally understand what the Manual mode is on your camera? Wanting to take better pictures of your everyday life? Just starting your career and having a few problems you want to learn more of? Or, simply you figured out how to take a good picture, but you aren’t sure of how Photoshop or lightroom works?

These classes are designed with you in mind. I designed these for the Mom’s or hobbyists, but they are open to all levels. Just find the course that fits you, and these are taught 1 on 1, whether online or in person.

Clicksnaps are 2 hour Mentor Sessions with me. Based on the level you choose, we can meet over a coffee, or via skype to help you further your desire with Photography.

Group Workshops are held once a Year.


Email me at to Book a 1 on 1 Session




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