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ClickSnap Beginner Photography Workshop Announcement Dates! {Chicago, Oak Park, IL Photographer}

Sometimes the very thing that you love doing, can terrify you the most! As I have taken this journey to becoming a Photographer, the one thing that I have loved the most was the learning process. I love speaking about my passion, and have always wanted to teach others to find it, just the way I did. One thing about Life is that it is short, and capturing the moments, has been one of the ways I am able to hold on to my kids just a little while longer.

Were you gifted a Camera this Year, and have absolutely no idea how to use it? Maybe you have had your camera for a few years, learned how to finally put it in Manual, but can’t seem to get past that point? I have designed each level of my workshops to help you on that journey. I also have these as private one on one sessions, these are great for those not wanting the group setting. Or for the more experienced Photographer, who wants more special attention like shooting a session with me, and fine tuning your trouble spots.

Each Workshop will be for 2 to 2 1/2 hours and will include a Workbook, access to a private Facebook Group, and a Model to practice on for the beginning Level 1 and 2.

Why give away your secrets, I may hear from others? Honestly, I believe we are all hear to learn, and my heart really is for the Parents or hobbyists looking to capture life better!

Here are the breakdown for the Sessions I have for the Winter/ Spring Season. Below each is also a link so you can grab your seat. The goal is to keep each workshop small, so seats are on a first come first serve. Photoshop and Photoshop Elements classes that will be offered online are marked next to the listing.




Weekend Dates

February 20th 1-3:30pm (Oak Park, IL Studio)

DSLR Level 1- $99


February 28th (Oak Park Studio)

DSLR Level 1 (10-12pm)

DSLR Level 2 (1-3pm)

March 6th (Oak Park Studio)DSLR Level 1 (10-12pm)

Photoshop Elements Level 1 (1-3pm)

April 17th (Oak Park Studio)DSLR Level 1 (10-12pm)

DSLR Level 2 (1-3pm)


Weekday Workshops

February 23 (10-12pm) Level 1

March 15th (10-12pm) Level 1

March 18th (10-12pm) Level 2

April 5th (10-12pm) Level 1


Online Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Basics

Monday Nights

February 29th (7-9pm)

March 7th (7-9pm)

March 21 (7-9pm)

April 4th (7-9pm)

April 18th (7-9pm)




Please once you purchase your seat, email me at jamillayipp@hotmail.com to confirm your date and time. Looking forward to a Great Year 🙂

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